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The Van Gogh Sites Foundation relies on help from individuals, companies and other interested parties to be able to pass on the cultural heritage to future generations. In order to achieve its aim, the Foundation is dependent on donations and gifts. Any form of support means a lot to us. You can find information here about how you can make a contribution to our fund.

How to become joint owner
Van Gogh, Korenveld met schoven en een molen, 1885, VGM Amsterdam

Named funds

These funds allow the donor to specify a target for which the returns or the capital will be used. The Van Gogh Sites Foundation offers individuals, foundations and companies the opportunity to set up a Named Fund or to bring existing funds or foundations under a Named Fund. A Named Fund can also be created through a gift or an inheritance. A name is linked to this gift, it could be a family or a themed name, for example. The Named Fund also offers several opportunities for the donor(s) to stay involved in the expenditure on the target, without the worry of organising or administering it. Donors can choose to make a contribution for the benefit of an existing named fund.

Become a joint owner of a Van Gogh Monument

Share certificates in the Van Gogh Sites NV (Real Estate) assets offer the opportunity for private and public investors such as companies, associations, organisations and individuals to become a joint owner of a unique piece of Van Gogh heritage. This will enable the preservation and management of this heritage now and in the future. By purchasing at least 1 certificate in Van Gogh Sites NV for €1 you buy the right to one share in the company’s capital. Each certificate is linked to a donation of €1000 to the Van Gogh Sites Foundation.

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation (known until 2016 under the name ‘Stichting Samenwerkingsverband Van Gogh in Brabant’ (Van Gogh Brabant) has  an ANBI status under Dutch taxation laws (RSIN: 819130448).