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Van Gogh heritage in Brabant

Vincent van Gogh was born and grew up in Brabant region, in the south of the Netherlands. The story of Vincent van Gogh has a tangible presence in Brabant. For many Van Gogh enthusiasts all over the world this story is a source of inspiration. Not only his works, but the places where Van Gogh lived and worked are being visited more frequently. The Van Gogh Sites Foundation wants to preserve and develop Vincent's heritage in Brabant and make sure it can be passed on to future generations. 

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Hight-tech company ASML partners with Van Gogh Brabant and Van Gogh Museum

VELDHOVEN, July 2, 2019 - High-tech company ASML enters into long-term partnership with Van Gogh Brabant in Nuenen and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, where Van Gogh's search for color and light meets state-of-the-art technology.

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Airbnb supports Van Gogh Heritage

A day before Van Gogh’s 166th birthday, Airbnb has today announced it will donate over €25,000 to the Van Gogh Heritage Foundation. The donation is part of Airbnb’s Community Tourism Programme to support local and innovative projects that boost communities, bring people together and preserve local heritage. Airbnb has also worked together with the Van Gogh Heritage Foundation to create 3 new social impact experiences.


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Van Gogh Monuments

Following an initiative by Van Gogh Heritage Foundation, a group of experts under the guidance of the Noordbrabants Museum and with support from the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, has been  working to develop the criteria for Van Gogh Monuments. Based on this, an inventory of the most precious Van Gogh heritage in Brabant has been made, and 39 monuments have been selected.


Van Gogh Heritage Centres

In the villages of Zundert, Etten-Leur and Nuenen, Van Gogh Heritage Centres have been created. Visitors can start to explore Vincent's world there. In Zundert his early youth and family are highlighted. In Etten-Leur visitors can witness the start of his career and his complex relationships. In Nuenen visitors can discover his intense search for light and shape which resulted in his first masterpiece, Potato Eaters. Orignal paintings are on display at the Noordbrabants Musuem in 's-Hertogenbosch.

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New name: Van Gogh Sites

From 2019 onwards, Van Gogh Heritage Foundation will start using the name Van Gogh Sites Foundation and Van Gogh Vastgoed NV (real estate) will use the name Van Gogh Sites NV. These new names will gradually be used in all communications. Van Gogh Brabant is used as a general reference to all activities initiated by the foundation and as a destination label for the heritage centers.  

Van Gogh Europe

Van Gogh Brabant has initiated Van Gogh Europe, together with heritage locations in Belgium and France. Three countries, six museums, nine heritage locations and fourteen towns are working together within Van Gogh Europe to maintain, develop and share Vincent van Gogh’s heritage. 

Van Gogh Europe