Strengthen Van Gogh Monuments and cultural heritage

Programmes in the area of culture and education are geared towards strengthening knowledge about, and therefore increasing popular support of, maintaining Vincent van Gogh’s cultural heritage. The meaning and relevance of the Van Gogh themes are of great value for the social reinforcement of the region where Van Gogh’s heritage is visible and discoverable. The programme’s content has a strong focus on reflecting on contemporary social developments.


During the coming years, the Van Gogh heritage locations will undergo a make-over. The extension and refurbishment of the permanent exhibitions in Zundert, Nuenen and Etten-Leur will become the first step towards developing ‘Becoming Vincent’. In this way Vincent van Gogh’s life story will be recalled and the artist’s development will be told to visitors in a thought-provoking way.

Van Gogh heritage locations
Maquette pastorie Zundert


  • Van Gogh National Park

    Van Gogh Sites Foundation is involdend in the development of a Van Gogh National Park, including the typical Brabant landscapes that inspired the painter throughout his life.

    Van Gogh National Park
  • Education

    Talent development and educational programmes contribute to the preservation of Vincent's cultural heritage.

  • Van Gogh Development Centre

    How to explain Vincent's story to visitors? We cooperate with the experts of CELTH to find the answer to this type of questions. 

    Van Gogh Development Centre
  • More to know about Van Gogh

    A selection of sources of information on the live and works of Vincent van Gogh.

    More to know about Van Gogh Brief van Vincent van Gogh aan Willemien van Gogh met schets van Herinnering aan de tuin in Etten (recto)
Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890), Arles, c. 12 november 1888