Quality Label

Proof of quality label

This label guarantees the quality of a ‘Vincent van Gogh’ product and assures it was produced with minimal impact on the environment. The product was conceived and developed in Brabant (The Netherlands), Vincent's homeland, with attention to detail and craftsmanship.

It illustrates the story of Van Gogh through the creative use of his lifetime's work. By purchasing this Van Gogh product you are also contributing to the preservation of Vincent van Gogh‘s cultural heritage in Brabant. Now, and in the future.

Unique Van Gogh shoes

The Vincent van Gogh Shoes are a brainchild of Tomas Snels who also designed the,m. He contacted Maarten van Drunen of Van Drunen Shoe factory (owner of the Durea and Gijs labels) and Van Gogh heritage Foundation. There have been more creations inspired by Van Gogh's paintings, but the exceptional quality and colaboration make these shoes very special. Maarten van Drunen expects the Vincent van Gogh shoes to get a lot of spin-off internationally. There's a model for man and a model for women. 

Vincent Van Gogh Shoes

Vincent Van Gogh Giant Aero Road Bike

De Vincent Van Gogh Aero Road Bike was produced by designer Tomas Snels, Ted en Jim Cranen and Giant. 

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