Sneak preview Vincent's Lightlab

Discover light through Vincent's eyes

Research and experience light the way Vincent van Gogh did: marvel, explore, learn, and create. The Vincentre in Nuenen is expanding with 'Vincent's Lightlab', an interactive experience around the topic of 'light', designed by Tinker imagineers for Van Gogh Brabant and its partner ASML

The big idea behind Vincent's Lightlab is having visitors experience Vincent van Gogh's search for perspective and light in his Brabant period. Light is colour, and colour is light.




Sneak preview

What is colour? What is light? What do we see, anyway? And how does it work, experiencing the light? What does it bring? We can promise you one thing: you’ll see things you’ve never seen before. And after this visit, you’ll see the world through different eyes. Het vernieuwde Vincentre opent in 2021.   

Perspective and light

The painting “The potatoe eaters” was the result of Van Gogh’s intensive quest for perspective and light which describes his Brabant period.